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What Sabbatical Has Been.

Sabbatical has been a long journey home.  To return to one's own space and place and discover it new and yet always known is something poets have often reflected upon.  T. S. Eliot says it like this:

          We shall not cease from exploration, 
          and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive 
          where we started and know the place for the first time.

And for me, sabbatical has been an opportunity to heal, to reflect, to study, identify problems and opportunities, and look forward as I come home.  But I think the deepest work of my sabbatical was a spiritual work.  I am someone who tends to carry a deep tension and pressure within myself--so much so that it has been exceedingly difficult for me to rest.  Almost ever.

Sabbatical was the first time I had the space to see this, or at least really register it, and how bad it was for me, my family, and PMC.  Somehow, I was opened up to what God wants enough that I could actually let a slow peace penetrate my being ov…

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