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Yesterday we drove from Harrisonburg to the town of Ceres in southwestern Virginia.  As you can see on the map, it consists of an intersection, a post office and a church that's now been turned into a woodshop.

But Ceres is also home to Blue Willow Angus farm, which is home to our friends, Brad and Beth Yoder and their four daughters, Lily, Juliette, Evie, and Beverly.

They all live in a 36 ft. airstream trailer and have for two years, but now are building a house.  You can just see the airstream in the background of this picture below.  Our home was the storage shed...!  The new house is built of insulated concrete forms.  We were installing the timber frame in the center of the house before the walls go up around the main floor.  The walls will encase the timber frame and the two side wings.

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